Bosco Selva Alberobello

At about 2 km far away from the town centre of Alberobello, you'll find the public park "Bosco Selva", a furnished area with benches, picnic tables, playground, fitness course, and trekking paths. The best for family outdoors and enjoy the quiet mood of the wood.

The wood is included in one of the two Community importance sites of Alberobello. (Murgia di Sud-Est), it's characterized by "wooded areas with a predominance of Quercus trojana oak in good vegetation condition, also with presence of evergreen areas (holm oak) and some exemples of Ostrja and Carpinus. Additionaly there are some presences of Quercus virgiliana.

Inside, the fauna of particular interest according to the "Habitat" EU Directive are: the four-lined snake (Elaphe quatuorlineata), the leopard snake (Elaphe situla), the Hermann tortoise (Testudo Hermanni) the yellow bellied toad (Bombina variegata) and the Melanargia arge butterfly, many of them are listed among the endangered species.

See our map (Also available on the park signage) with all the available furnished areas.