Silvia Mezzanotte in concerto

Silvia Mezzanotte in concerto
in Alberobello - Largo Martellotta
(address: Largo Martellotta)

One of the most appreciated voices on the Italian scene, in a breathtaking concert she retraces the most important stages of her thirty-year career: from the great successes of Matia Bazar, of which she was front woman for over 10 years (Brivido Caldo, Cavallo Bianco, Vacanze Romane, Messaggio d'amore, winning song of the 25th edition of the Sanremo Festival) to the songs that made her the protagonist in her solo albums, up to paying homage to the greatest queens of music, from Dionne Warwick to Mina, from Mia Martini to Ornella Vanoni, with songs that highlight versatility and vocal flexibility. The world that emerges speaks of an all-round artist, who lays herself totally bare between words and music, between voice and soul. Four musicians of depth and experience accompany the artist in this adventure: Riccardo Cherubini on guitars and trumpet, Lino De Rosa Davern on bass, Riccardo Ciaramellari on keyboards and accordion and Claudio Del Signore on drums and percussion.

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Silvia Mezzanotte in concerto

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9:30 p.m.