The Hashtag Cafè is a refined, elegant, but at the same time informal and welcoming place. It is perfect for spending time with friends, sipping a Spirtz, a cocktail, enjoying an excellent coffee or a fragrant 100% natural herbal tea. All accompanied by the smile and friendliness of the staff and a relaxing background music that characterizes every moment of the day: from breakfast to the aperitif.
Easily reachable by foot from the Trullo Sovrano and the Basilica of Santi Medici, the Hashtag Cafè is situated very close to the center of Alberobello and with comfortable free parking just in front of it. It’s great for a regenerating break during your visit to Alberobello with the chance to sit both indoors and outdoors.
The keywords that describe the Hashtag Café are art and tradition: croissants, chocolates, pastries, cakes (even in sugar paste), ice cream, typical Italian semifreddo and spumoni as well, as panettone and cartellate during the Christmas holidays ... all knowingly prepared and decorated with passion, but above all with special attention to the freshness, cleanliness and excellent quality of the used ingredients.

The croissants, in particular, are the strong point of the Hashtag Cafè. Its guests choose between the classic dough and the cereal dough and fill the “cornetto” at the moment, choosing from a vast range of fillings: cream, classical or white chocolate, hazelnut or pistachio cream and marmelades, such as the apricot, red berries or citrus jams. Moreover, every day, there is the possibility to taste a special croissant, whose filling is chosen specifically to delight the palate of the sweet tooths. The fruissant, for example, is the Saturday special croissant, filled with chantilly cream and fresh fruit: it's absolutely a must to try!
The Hashtag Cafè staff, therefore, both for producing sweets and apertiifs, - piadine, salads and sandwiches, - enhances only local 0 km products, prepared always instantly to guarantee freshness and great taste.
The Cafè, moreover, offers awesome refreshments for birthdays, marriages, events, parties and has recently introduced a novelty: cocktails service for home events on request.