Perhaps you've already tasted mozzarella and burrata before coming to Puglia, but once you get here, everyone is fascinated to observe how these delicacies are produced in a traditional way. The dairy farm Masseria Itria Bontà, in Alberobello, a few kilometres from Locorotondo and Martina Franca, is the one of the few dairies, where the senses fade in a distant time.

Since 2014, the owner Giorgio Spalluto has opened the doors of the Itria Bontà Masseria in Alberobello to show this ancient and rare craft to travelers who love slow tourism and local food and wine. During the visit you will see the animals and find out how the cows are fed and milked. After you enter the farm dairy and discover the phases of the production of mozzarella and other lookalike types of cheese. Such processes as spinning and the cropping of mozzarella will be done in front of you, the same way it was made for centuries. Particurlarly awaited is the creation of the world-famous burrata.

It will be a wonderful hands-on food experience for both adults and kids during your visit to Alberobello, with the possibility to become a cheesemaker and create mozzarella in its different shapes yourself! Giorgio will then guide you to a sensorial excursion among the typical Apulian cheese, made in the masseria, and the stories behind them.

The visit to the Masseria Itria Bontà farmhouse in Alberobello lasts an hour and a half and is available upon reservation for families and groups. It includes a generous tasting of homemade bio delicacies at Giorgio's house. For those who want to enjoy even more this family atmosphere, immersed in the enchanting Itria Valley, it is possible to enrich the tasting with grilled meat and other local specialties.

History of Masseria Itria Bontà in Alberobello

The owner, Giorgio Spalluto, wanted to make the dream of his father, a farmer since the 1950s come true: to turn milk into cheese.

From 2009 with the opening of the dairy farm in Alberobello, began the transformation of milk in a traditional way and without any chemicals. In addition, in the farm shop of the Itria Bontà you will find excellent beef and pork meat, tasty bacon, great salami and the delicious capocollo ham. For the delight of your palate there are also the irreplaceable extra virgin olive oil, the taralli, the crispy friselle and the taste and smell of a bread, freshly baked in a wood oven.

In addition, Giorgio, as a cheesemaker, comes with pleasure to participate at private parties and local events in Alberobello and its surroundings. But be careful: panzerotti, fried skewers of battered caciocavallo cheese, grilled meat and mozzarella, made in front of you, are addictive!



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