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Golosità dei Trulli taralli factory

Viale Luigi Einaudi, 2 - Alberobello +39 0804321914 info@golositadeitrulli.it

If you think of the Apulian snack par excellence, surely you can imagine taralli. And the scent of freshly baked taralli, will take you to "Golosità dei Trulli", the historic taralli factory in Alberobello.

The ingredients of the Taralli of Alberobello are genuine and absolutely local: only olive oil and white wine from the Murgia dei trulli are used. The absence of yeast makes them a very light and digestible product.

In addition to the classic recipe of traditional Apulian taralli (flour, olive oil, white wine, salt), "Golosità dei Trulli" also bakes Taralli with different types of flours, thus offering always original flavors ... The choice is enormous: from multigrain to wholemeal flour, from Emmer to Kamut, up to corn and legume flour.

In addition, the "Golosità dei trulli" tarallini can be purchased in different flavors and aromas: fennel seeds, potatoes and rosemary, pizzaiola, paprika, and many others. For those with a sweet tooth, there is a whole range of sweet taralli to savor.

Once you have tried it, you will not be able to do without it, because the beauty of the "Golosità dei Trulli" taralli is that "one leads to another". The tarallini "Golosità dei trulli" of Alberobello can be found in over 700 points of sale throughout Italy, even in the major national supermarket chains. Or, just buy them with home delivery throughout Italy from the online shop "Golosità dei Trulli", by clicking on the link in the contact bar.