Local craftsmanship

Il Mio Loft

Via Don Francesco Gigante, 32 - Alberobello +39 3339343794 ilmioloftalberobello@gmail.com

Welcome to the Heart of Apulian Craftsmanship

Located in a street adjacent to the tourist center of Alberobello, our shop is a hidden jewel waiting to be discovered. Easily reachable by car, it offers visitors a unique experience that combines tradition with hospitality.

Crossing the threshold, you will be welcomed by a warm and evocative environment, made even more fascinating by the typical stone barrel vaults, a distinctive architectural element of our region. Every corner of the shop exudes the beauty and authenticity of Puglia, creating an atmosphere that invites you to explore and discover.

Here you can find a wide range of Apulian artistic craftsmanship objects, each of which is the result of the talent and dedication of our skilled craftsmen. Items for sale include:

  • Ceramics made strictly by hand, which express the centuries-old tradition and mastery of Apulian ceramists.
  • Paintings depicting symbols or landscapes of Puglia, including our iconic trulli, which capture the beauty and essence of our land.
  • Bijoux in handcrafted fabric or crochet, which combine elegance and creativity to offer unique and fascinating pieces.

Each piece tells a story of tradition and craftsmanship, transforming simple materials into unique works of art. Each object can be a perfect gift idea or, given its elegance, an ideal furnishing accessory for your home.

Come and visit us and be enchanted by the magic of Apulian craftsmanship. Our shop is not just a place to buy, but a journey into the heart of the culture and traditions of our beloved Puglia.


by Explòrea di Guido Convertino - P.I.: 08206050729