Meet the Locals

Pasquale and Southern hospitality

If you've decided to spend your holidays in Apulia, there is one thing that you could do here and only here: sleep in a trullo. With over 1500 perfectly preserved cones, Alberobello is universally known as the trulli's capital. To sleep in a trullo is certainly something to put on one's bucket list, and there is no a better place to do it than Alberobello.

Among the wide accommodation offers, Trulli Holiday of Pasquale Tarafino is surely the most well-known operator on the market.

Trulli Holiday - Albergo Diffuso

A story of passion

Making Pasquale and his staff a part of your travel experience, it's without any doubt the best move you could do to ensure a pleasant stay, rich in beautiful moments to share.

That of Pasquale is the true story of passion, passion for his land, for his roots and love for the unique in the world landscape. The wish to see the trulli reborn emerges in every detail of his dwellings.

You will see it from the type of restoration he makes, with an hard conciliation between building safeguard and availabilty of all needed infrastructures for comfortable hospitality.

It emerges also from the furniture, personally chosen by Pasquale at local antique markets. Indeed, every trullo is furnished with antique furniture, often restored by Trulli Holiday owner himself.

The care to the details doesn't stop on the interiors, as written by the historian Pietro Gioia in the mid-nineteenth century:

“... the existing ban to build without mortar is compensated by the residents' talent to beautify the parts of the stone dwellings and to organize them so, that a foreigner would be amazed to find inside such a rough dwelling so much comfort and decency.”

So in the same way, the buildings of Trulli Holiday are decorated with beautiful flowers, accessories and furnishing that contribute to enrich not only the building itself, but also the overall landscape.

Ultimately, choosing Trulli Holiday will make you feel at home, because there's the same passion to welcoming guests and for details in every trullo that you find in familiar atmosphere. The staff of Trulli Holiday is ready to host you each moment with competence, without any distinction between the word work and the word passion.

Trulli Holiday and the Southern hospitality

Hospitality is in DNA of the Southern Italy, maybe due to the ancestral legacy to the ancient Greeks, for whom hospitality was sacred to Zeus; maybe because of the the mild climate that makes prone to human relationships, the guest is particularly cuddled.

Whatever is your kind of vacation, take your time to taste what this land has to offer.

Starting from the breakfasts, prepared daily with local ingredients and offered in the cozy room next to the reception of Trulli Holiday.

You will enjoy homemade sweets, jams, fresh brioches, classic Italian espresso coffee, but also everithing for a continental breakfast.

Besides visiting the city, we suggest also to explore the lush countryside of Alberobello, perhaps renting one of the bikes available at the reception of Trulli holiday. The trulli in the countryside, still today, are real treasures that fully enclose the atmosphere experienced by our ancestors just half a century ago.

Whether you decide to stay one night or several days at Trulli Holiday facilities, the constant to accompany you will be the sense of hospitality and competence.

Who will you meet in Trulli Holiday

Pasquale: Soul, heart and mind of the Trulli Holiday project. His passion for the trulli led him to become the most successful operator in the town with the widest choice of these storical dwellings for holidays. He loves anyway the practicality of his work: it will be not unlikely to see him welcoming you on board of his vintage Vespa scooter or his small MPV Fiat Multipla 1962.

Pasquale - Trulli Holiday

His love to the hospitality was spread all over his staff, starting form his sweetheart Francesca: Accurancy and reliability, - the administrative reins of Trulli Holiday are her matter. Francesca shares with her husband Pasquale the passion for the territory so much to decide to move permanently in a dwelling entirely composed of trulli.

Francesca - Trulli Holiday

Francesco: Front-desk manager. You can talk with him in Italian, English, German or French, for him will be perfectly equivalent. He loves his job because it allows him to stay in contact with people from all over the world.

Francesco - Trulli Holiday

Daniela: Back-office manager and responsable for the the delicious breakfasts served in the morning, but also for the reception of the guests. Also with her you can talk either in Italian, French, English or German. She loves her work because she can endorse her land beauty.

Daniela - Trulli Holiday