Passion and love. For Alberobello, for its history, for those who inhabited trulli and cummerse in the past. A time when the family was the precious support, animals were needed for work and the land, warm and rich, was the only source of wealth.

Hence the history of the DIMORE ANTICHI MESTIERI Resort ("Ancient Crafts Homes") starts, a reality that finds its roots in the desire to recall ancient days, crafts, the art of knowledge. Do and live.

The Resort's centuries-old Trulli and Cummerse, spread in the historic center of Alberobello, represent an authentic place where the details cult is essential to bring the guests back in time, without sacrificing their comfort. Furnished in a traditional way, using expertly embellished local materials, which are combined with modern technologies: kitchen, refrigerator, TV, air conditioning, heating, Wi-Fi.

Perfect homes for those who appreciate historical charm without giving up the modern comforts and not only...

At the Resort LA CORTE DELL’ASTORE (, the beating heart of DIMORE ANTICHI MESTIERI, it's possible to book multiple services to turn the holiday into a real travel experience, full of adventures, in the company of Royal Eagles, falcons, horses, rare parrots and much more.

The Reception in Via Monte San Gabriele, 4 is easy to reach due to its location in the heart of the Old Town, Rione Monti. Stella and her colleagues will welcome you and give you useful advices for a unique and unforgettable stay.

Here are the Trulli and Cummerse which make part of DIMORE ANTICHI MESTIERI Resort:

Trullo dell'Agricoltore
Giovanni, the last peasant who lived in this beautiful trullo, told how it was nice in the past to meet all together late at night at the table and talk about the day in the countryside, the harvest, back then when the animals warmed bodies and there lived love, humble and poor, in the family.

Trullo del Pastore
When nothing existed and the campaign extended also in the village centre, the shepherd Vito Antonio "governed" his flock from the wonderful terrace, the strong point of this trullo. Today this space is the destination of many travellers who are lucky to admire, between roofs and historic houses, a unique view in the world.

Trullo della Massaia
The owner of one of the first farms in the Southern Italy, named in Apulia "masseria",  lived here during the transition period between traditional and modern milk processing technologies. Unique details and style of the trullo furniture are essential and in very light tones.

Cummersa del Trainiere
An old "trainiere" and his story give value to this ancient house, whose style is inspired by this ancient job, which means the "waggon driver". Inside there are many relics, related to this now disappeared profession.

Trullo del Vagabondo
In the local dialect "vagabondo" means a person who is not inclined to work. Hence the name of this trullo with a rounded cone comes from its story. It once belonged to a rich young man who used to live off private income. Its home, characteristic and authentic, is a space where the stone is above everything, the wood decorates and the history is preserved in every detail.

Trullo del Falconiere
A characteristic trullo in the heart of Alberobello that has witnessed the passage of important figures, escorts of Frederick II of Swabia, passionate about one of the most ancient disciplines: falconry.



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