Gigante Foundation

Gigante Foundation Alberobello

It's a building placed in southern country of the town, recognizable from the red painting of the external plaster, a mixture of lime's milk a "vuolo" (a typical red soil of this territory). This ancient farm built in the middle of 19th Century, is a place full of history. The origins are strictly bound to a controversial figure of the town's history (the priest Francesco Gigante) and deals with liks to the post-unification brigandage. Nowadays, though in a state of total neglect, remains one of the last concentration camps of the fascist period still lasting in the whole Italy. During the WWII it was used as concentration camp for Jews and POW. In the troubled history of the "Gigante's farm" seems to finally emerge a solution, even if is still not a structural recover, at least a safeguard to the use of the building. Unfortunately, the farm is currently open only externally.