Caseificio Artelat

Via II Traversa V. Colucci - Alberobello +39 0804325202 info@artelat.eu

Apulia is universally recognized and appreciated for its dairy production. The Mediterranean grazings tend to enhance the milk taste of two most common species breeded in the region: Holstein Friesian and Podolica (ancient typical Apulian race).

The best milk from the "masseria" farmhouses on the Murgia territory of Bari and Taranto is destinated here, to the Artelat cheese factory in Alberobello, famous for its trulli.

Situated in the northern part of the city, the Artelat dairy company produces a wide range of typical Apulian milk products according to the ancient regional tradition, specializing in top-of-the-range fresh diary products. In fact, most of Artelat products are sold to enjoy fresh: treats like mozarelle, fiordilatte, nodini, ricotta, primosale, cacioricotta fresco, burrate, stracciatella, stracchino, scamorze and many others. They can be purchased directly at factory shop.

While the seasoned products: cheeses, ricotta forte, caciocavallo, provolone and aged cacioricotta would be the perfect long-life content of your shopping bags to bring home and savour them with family and friends.

The production chain of Artelat (from Italian "art" and "milk") includes the most modern and hygienical technologies, combined with scrupulous handmade techniques, as dictated by the tradition. The produced quantity is not elevated, thus focused on quality, so that each single produced piece is pleasing to the palate due to the superior taste and genuineness.

You can find all the diary specialties of Artelat directly from the producer to the consumer, purchasing them at its factory, situated in the Via II Traversa Colucci street in Alberobello.

Here you can eat:

Some dishes may not always be available
  • Mozzarella & Fiordilatte
    Mozzarella & Fiordilatte
  • Stracciatella and burrata
    Stracciatella and burrata
  • Cacioricotta
  • Caciocavallo
  • Scamorza
  • Primosale
  • Ricotta
  • Spicy ricotta
    Spicy ricotta