Restaurant Coppino

Largo Martellotta, 48 - Alberobello +39 3773050965

The story of this culinary adventure reflects a journey back to the roots, a search for lost traditions and a tribute to the teachings of grandmothers. This story, steeped in nostalgia and the desire for rediscovery, is an invitation to reconnect with the land and with our origins.

The protagonists of this journey, the creators of Coppino®, were also migrants, leaving for new lands to study, work and grow. On their journey, they brought with them not only their belongings but also the flavors and aromas of their homeland.

Their migration experience fueled a desire to find what had been left behind. The feeling of strangeness and nostalgia was mitigated by the arrival of those precious "packages from downstairs", real treasure chests of memory, and culinary tradition, which made the journey sweeter and more familiar.

Now, having returned to the places of their grandmothers, they have immersed themselves in the recipes passed down orally and written in kitchen notebooks, custodians of a heritage to be preserved. Their goal is to make these recipes available to anyone who wants to enjoy authentic flavors, prepared with love and care, following the instructions "as grandma commands".

Coppino® is the tangible result of this adventure, a tribute to the popular and traditional cuisine of Puglia. Its name itself, derived from the local term "cuppein", symbolizes the unit of measurement adopted by grandmothers all over the world, which represents not only a quantity of food, but also a perfect combination of ingredients and flavors.

This cuisine is radical in its authenticity, without compromises or extravagant variations. Each dish proposed by Coppino® is a return to the origins, a tribute to the grandmothers who shopped at the local markets, knowing the farmers by name and carefully selecting the best ingredients.

In this culinary world, quality is an absolute priority, a concept that is fully reflected in the severe judgments of grandmothers, indestructible guardians of tradition and good taste. Through Coppino®, we want to offer everyone the opportunity to enjoy authentic delicacies, prepared with ingredients selected with love and passion, just like grandma would do.

by Explòrea di Guido Convertino - P.I.: 08206050729