Breakfast & Brunch

Così com'era

Piazza del Popolo, 20 - Alberobello +39 3791483465

Open every day of the week, from 7:30 to 15:00, the breakfast room "Così com'era" takes up the rural tradition of Alberobello to offer guests an experience of artisan taste that leaves its mark.

Following the passing of the seasons, "Così com'era" offers an "all inclusive" breakfast and brunch, in addition to the classic bar proposals. In addition, the à la carte menu, unique of its kind, offers local dishes with an eye to international taste. For example, the Puglia Style milk-free pancake, prepared with seasonal ingredients, or the omelette with eggs from free-range hens.

The breakfast of "Così com'era" is famous mostly for its biscuits, donuts and freshly baked cakes, as well as for the homemade yogurt with muesli. Just look into the room to discover the proposals of the day.

Starting from 11:00, instead, the Farmer's Brunch is available: a taste path with selected products that satisfies even the most demanding palates with local cheeses, local cold cuts such as the capocollo of Martina Franca, omelettes and strictly artisanal focaccias, local wines and beers.

A walk in Alberobello, the city of trulli, deserves a morning stop at "Così com'era". A relaxing break in an exclusive stonemade location, surmounted by olive branches with copper leaves, to better savor the ancient taste of this fertile land.