Focacceria La Lira

Largo Martellotta, 67 - Alberobello +39 3494726812

An italian proverb says that good things come in small packages, so has never been so true for the spectacular "La Lira" focaccia's bakery, placed just before the monumental area. A tiny shop with "harmless appearance" and a showcase with few products inside.

The first clue that will tell you that you are on a good path is the teasing smell of the fresh-baked focaccia. Inside the bakery, made by just one room and Giuseppe (the likeable owner), you can taste a wide range of focaccia and many other oven products. You'll also verify how Giuseppe and his lovely wife, has redifined the concept of Focaccia.

Don't let you be mislead by the sight, at least by the "first" sight. "La Lira focaccia's bakery, in fact, by its conscious choice, have a little exhibited range of products in its showcase, because everything is prepared at the moment.

For the choice, let you be recommended by Giuseppe, but we can foresee you that, every choice you'll make, it will far exceed your expectations.

All the Focaccias are prepared both in the classic recipe and in the personalized versions of "Focapizza" (betweena pizza and focaccia), of the "Provatella" (a french pastry with provolone cheese and mortadella ham), of the "Pasqualino" (Focaccia with "Pasqualino" ingredients) and all the other creative recipes offered inside.

Tasting these products you can explore all the Apulian baker tradition, with points of excellence in its well known "pucce" (a traditional kind of sandwich), always soft and fillable to you taste; in the "Focaccia of Bari", with cut at the time "mortadella" ham and "provolone" cheese; in the legendary special Sfilatino, with ngrapiata, Martina franca capolllo and burrata; on the "rustici", french pastry filled with mozzarella, tomato sauce, pepper and béchamel; in the "taralli" aromatized in many ways and much much more...

Consider a stop to the "La Lira" focaccia's bakery as integral part of your visit of Alberobello, but be careful! Its focaccia may seriously cause addiction!

Here you can eat:

Some dishes may not always be available
  • "Homemade" bread
    "Homemade" bread
  • Focaccia from Bari
    Focaccia from Bari
  • Bacon of Martina Franca
    Bacon of Martina Franca
  • Mozzarella & Fiordilatte
    Mozzarella & Fiordilatte
  • Scamorza
  • Bread of Altamura
    Bread of Altamura
  • Filled focaccia
    Filled focaccia
  • Onion Calzone
    Onion Calzone
  • Friselle
  • Taralli
  • Fricelli with sausage and mushrooms
    Fricelli with sausage and mushrooms
  • Capocollo of Martina Franca
    Capocollo of Martina Franca
  • Turnip top
    Turnip top
  • Pickles
  • Trik Trak
    Trik Trak
  • Pickled capers in brine
    Pickled capers in brine
  • Fried beans
    Fried beans
  • "Pasqualino" sandwich
    "Pasqualino" sandwich
  • Olives
  • Copeta
  • "Pizz cas birr"
    "Pizz cas birr"
  • Taralli with sugar
    Taralli with sugar
  • Chiacchiere
  • Bocconotto
  • Calzoncelli
  • Cotognata (Quince)
    Cotognata (Quince)
  • Almond milk
    Almond milk