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Pane & Mozza

Largo Martellotta, 31 - Alberobello +39 0804113955 info@paneemozza.it

Pane & Mozza is a welcoming place just behind the monumental trulli area of ​​Alberobello. At the same time, its secluded location allows you to enjoy the quiet atmosphere of the historic center at its best.

Pane & Mozza brings directly to the table the products made by its master cheesemakers, prepared with family recipes at its “Sapori delle masserie” farm in Putignano. All cheeses and dairy products are produced with cow's and sheep's milk, coming from selected farms in the Noci countryside, famous for its agri-food excellence.

Pane & Mozza is therefore the perfect place to taste especially the fresh dairy products of the Apulian tradition, such as burrata, fiordilatte, stracciatelle and primosale. Pane & Mozza also offers a huge selection of fresh local cured meats, preserves and pickles, which you will find here not only in the dishes at the table but also available in the store, for purchase and vacuum-packed transport.

Particular attention is also paid to customers who suffer from food intolerances, especially those foods for celiacs.

The outdoor tables of Pane & Mozza are perfect for a friendly and quick table service, where you can taste excellent gourmet sandwiches, cutting boards, rich salads and much more. It is ideal for both lunch and dinner but also for breakfasts, snacks and evening aperitifs. An ideal place to enjoy the cool summer evenings, a stone's throw from the wonderful setting of the trulli of Alberobello.


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