Profumi dal ponte

Vico Barsento, 8 - Alberobello +39 0804321007

If you want to try some true and genuine bakery products out of the touristic paths, as the locals have the chance to do, just move few hundrends meters away from the trulli area and, after the bridge of Via Barsento, you'll find one of the most notorious bakeries of the town...

Not just a bakery, "Profumi dal Ponte" ("Fragrances form the bridge") is a meeting place, with seatings where you can enjoy all the delicacies baked throughout the day. In the morning, the cozy inner bar offers coffee and warm croissants filled at the moment, with the pleasant scent of freshly baked bread as background.

In the morning and in the evening, the offer goes salty, with a joy of "Focacce", "Panzerotti" and all the specialities and the variants offered by the master-baker Mario D'Oria. For example, the original recipe of "Pasqualino", the typical sandwich of Alberobello, is offered in this bakery in many personal variants such as "Pasquarotti" (Panzerotti with Pasqualino ingredients) and Focaccia, all made with the same filling of this local speciality.

If you are visiting Alberobello during the Christmas or Easter holidays, are absolutely to buy the tradtional "Pancione" (artisan's panettone), and the tasty and artistic Easter cakes (Colombe).

The selection in the bakery "Profumi dal Ponte" is very rich, ranging from the most traditional to the most creative recipes. If you want to immerse in the true Italian bakery tradition, in a familiar and welcoming atmosphere typical for Apulia, this is certainly the right place. After you'll try the delicacies directly at the place, it will be too tempting not to stock up all the wide assortment of packaged baked goods, available on their shelfs.

In the evening, starting at 19:00, the take-away pizzeria service in Alberobello is now available, with 15 tasty pizzas:

Margherita Tomato sauce - basil - mozzarella - EVO oil € 4,00
Mario Mozzarella - mortadella - provolone - pistachio grain - balsamic vinegar € 7,00
Annamaria Mozzarella - peppers - zucchini - onion - aubergines - EVO oil € 6,00
Aurelia Mozzarella - bresaola ham - rocket - grana - EVO oil - lemon € 6,00
Giusy Tomato sauce - basil - mozzarella - wurstel - french fries € 5,00
Daniela Mozzarella - pepper - potato - fresh sausage - EVO oil € 6.00
Grazia Tomato sauce - basil - mozzarella - mushrooms - smoked bacon € 6,00
Caterina Mozzarella - pepper - stracciatella - EVO oil € 6,00
Simona Mozzarella - philadelphia cheese – capocollo ham - walnuts - EVO oil € 7,00
Maria Tomato sauce - basil - mozzarella - artichokes - gorgonzola cheese - olives - speck € 8,00
Conny Basil pesto - mozzarella - fried aubergines - fresh tomato - minced meat € 7,00
Marica Mozzarella - Tropea onion - tuna - EVO oil - balsamic vinegar € 6,00
Angelica Mozzarella - potato - bowler - stracciatella - lemon zips - rosemary € 8,00
Giorgia Tomato sauce - basil - mozzarella - raw ham - cream - rocket € 7,00
Christian Tomato sauce - basil - mozzarella - galbani cheese - salami - tuna - capers € 7,00

"Profumi dal Ponte" is the perfect stop to savor the true flavours of the South, with products as genuine as the homemade ones.

Here you can eat:

Some dishes may not always be available
  • "Homemade" bread
    "Homemade" bread
  • Focaccia from Bari
    Focaccia from Bari
  • Fried focaccia with spicy ricotta
    Fried focaccia with spicy ricotta
  • Filled focaccia
    Filled focaccia
  • Focaccia “by oven air”
    Focaccia “by oven air”
  • Fried or baked panzerotto
    Fried or baked panzerotto
  • Friselle
  • Taralli
  • "Pasqualino" sandwich
    "Pasqualino" sandwich
  • Almonds
  • Pettole
  • Porcedduzzi
  • Cartellate
  • "Pizz cas birr"
    "Pizz cas birr"
  • Taralli with sugar
    Taralli with sugar
  • Almonds "arraggiate"
    Almonds "arraggiate"