Restaurant Puglianova

Via Niccolò Piccinni, 8 - Alberobello +39 3331106509

Puglianova restaurant in Alberobello, the gastronomic refuge of excellence located a short distance from the monumental area of Trulli and near the Alberobello tourist checkpoint.

Here, every bite is a sensorial journey through the authentic flavors of traditional Apulian cuisine, masterfully reinterpreted to offer a unique and unforgettable culinary experience.

The Puglianova restaurant celebrates the roots of Puglia, embodied in every dish served. Each culinary creation is a tribute to local raw materials, expertly selected to guarantee unparalleled freshness and quality.

The scent of Apulian extra virgin olive oil and the intense taste of freshly picked tomatoes blend harmoniously to delight the senses of diners and transport them directly to the fields of our land.

The atmosphere of Puglianova is imbued with elegance and warmth, with a restaurant room that embodies the welcoming spirit of the region. Every detail, from the refined furnishings to the soft lighting, has been taken care of with love and attention to create an environment where taste and style meet in perfect harmony. Whether it's an intimate dinner or a party with friends, customers always find a welcoming atmosphere and attentive service that makes them feel at home.

At Puglianova, you will not only taste tradition on the table, but you will be part of it, creating precious memories that you will carry with you forever.

Welcome to Puglianova, where every dish tells a story of authenticity and taste.

by Explòrea di Guido Convertino - P.I.: 08206050729