Flora and Fauna watching

Despite of his karstic morphology and his lack of water, the territory of Alberobello has a large range of small animals that are able to survive during the dry season.

The most common land species are the red fox (Vulpes vulpes), the hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus), the stone marten (Martes foina). Reptiles find their perfect habitat into the Mediterranean landscape: the tortoise (testudo hermanni), many kind of snakes (but only one dangerous) and surprisingly, many water reptiles, other rare species can be found in the area. But the most interesting variety of species, are the birds, migratory and inhabitant, avian fauna is icredibly rich and interesting for those who loves birdwatching activities.

Flora is also very rich and interesting, many kind of plants can be found only here and despite of the apparently dryland the whole area is very fertile and offers a suitable land for thousands of vegetal species.