Alberobello Map

The new tourist map of Alberobello

If you are going to visit the town of trulli, you can explore all its beauties and most hidden places thanks to our new "bird's eye view" map of Alberobello. A faithful artistic reproduction of the Old Town with all its trulli dwellings, historic districts and points of interest.

Alberobello Map

On the other side of the map, there is a detailed representation of the countryside and nearby towns, including:

  • all the "masseria" manor houses;
  • the country churches;
  • the lookouts;
  • the bike routes;
  • the wooded areas;
  • all those points of interest you won't find on a tourist guide.

The perfect way to explore the territory and spend a pleasant time in the wonderful land of trulli.

Ask for a free Alberobello map copy everywhere: Tourist information, Restaurants, Accomodation structures and much more.