Shopping in Alberobello

Visiting Alberobello you can't miss a day of shopping among the trulli, the charming city streets are the framework for many commercial activities of all kinds.

First of all, by pampering your palate, choosing the best foods of the place. Olive oil and wine are the best you can take home from your Puglia experience. The homemade pasta in dozens of forms, will give you a chance to prepare the perfect italian dinner, when you'll get back home.

Meanwhile, while you enjoy one of the fantastic homemade icecreams (a must to try are the specialty with dried fruit), bring home the typical sweets made of almond paste. The local cheeses are another chapter not to be missed.

If you stop in town during the week, choose fresh fruits and vegetables of the place during the weekly market on Thursday.

In the bazaar of shops along the alleys of the old town, many touristic activities will also make you taste their products to facilitate your choice. Classic souvenir or crafted are present in many shops, just enter one of the several trulli and you'll find one that suits for you. In some of them you can see the very craftsman at work as he creates his own works such as bags, gifts in leather, wood or stone, paintings, jewelry, fabric products.

The Made in Italy fashion here is maybe played by lesser known brands, but you can also consult directly one of the local tailors, to realize your very customer tailored clothes.