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Guided tours of Alberobello

Viale Putignano, 29/B - Alberobello - Alberobello +39 3284819482 info@explorea.it

Imagine a pleasant walk, to discover the most characteristic corners and the less known places of Alberobello.

Accompanied by an authorized tour guide, native of Alberobello, you will discover the origins of the city, its links with the feudal lords of Conversano and its evolution over the centuries.

The guided tour of the Trulli of Alberobello will let you to discover the reason of the birth of these curious dwellings and the different forms present in the Apulian territory.

Rely on a tour guide in Alberobello, inspired by historical aspects and enriched with local stories, folklore, gastronomic tips and local culture. Because the journey is mainly an exploration of the stories of the places, especially here in the most unique frame of the world.

Duration guided tour: about 2 hours.

Available languages: Italian, English, German.

For information: Tel. 328 481 9 482 (Guido)