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Buy your trullo with Gabriella

Despite of what someone could think, the trulli are private properties available on real estate market.

If during your visit to Alberobello, you too have been charmed by the magic mood of the trulli and you want to make yours one of these suggestive and romantic monuments, it's good to know some fundamentals to avoid moving randomly.

Often in these circumstances the choice of an estate agency isn't made properly, gambling on luck, not always with good results. Thinking about that, this is quite surprising, because most of us have a trusted doctor, a trusted mechanic, even a trusted hairdresser, that ordinarly take care at their best of the events of our life. In case of need, we talk about them immediately with other people, but for an important matter like a real estate purchase, somethimes people do not have a trusted estate agent.

Gabriella - Agenzia dei Trulli Alberobello

Gabriella Dragone is born and lives in Alberobello and since many years combines her passion to see the Trulli revive to the competence of an expert and trustworthy real estate agency.

Her strong point is the familiar and personalised approach, Gabriella manages not only to find the perfect property for sale, but to let you feel, at the end of the negotiation, literally at home.

Not by chance the success of the "Trulli's Agency" of Gabriella Dragone comes by word of mouth of happy clients. With them usually begins a sincere friendship, expecially with international clientele.

Informal relationship

Every person is unique and different, that's why the Trulli's Agency as first step aims to deepen the knowledge of your needs in order to to build up an individual approach with every client.

A personalized approach will ensure that the chosen trullo becomes for you a true home. Her attention to every single detail will make the choice of the trulli easy from the very first moment. All the real estate offers of Gabriella will raise your interest, because she offers only the best properties of the territory.

Word of Mouth

In the same way as a doctor, a mechanic or a hairdresser seen before, Gabriella works mostly thanks to the word of mouth of her satisfied clients, that often become friends, sharing with her their Apulian life experiences.

Susan - Scotland

In my opinion Agenzia Dei Trulli is undoubtedly the best agency within the Puglia are. I have had a trullo here in Martina Franca, Puglia for 5 years now. My first trullo was purchased from another agency and I bought my second house from Gabriella. The difference was incredible. Gabriella quickly found me exactly what I was looking for. House hunting with Gabriella was a very enjoyable experience. It is obvious her years of experience and her professional manner has gained her credibility in this area. Once we had found the trullo she helped me set up a mortgage here in Italy, dealt with all the legalities and ensured everything ran smoothly. As Gabriella speaks many languages at all times she keeps you involved and ensures you understand what is happening. After I purchased the house Gabriella was amazing.

She checked everything has been changed into my name ie: gas, electricity, water etc and was willing to help me with anything I need for the house. However after I returned to Scotland, Gabriella continue to ensure everything I had requested was completed. She organised and oversaw the installation of a lovely pool, organised a pizza oven to be built and completed renovation work on the trullo. I could continue working in Scotland with no worries as I knew Gabriella would ensure everything was done to the best standard. What a lovely surprise when I arrived back 4 months later to find my perfect trullo now with a pool. I am willing to independently answer any questions you may have about purchasing a property from Agenzia Dei Trulli so please feel free to email me.

Tony and Gail - England

We are delighted with the return on our investment in a Trullo from Agenzia dei trulli, and have seen its value double since we started the project. Restoring homes in Italy can be a slow process, and difficult to manage from England. Gabriella and the agency did not just sell us the property, but have helped us at each stage liaising with the Geometra, builders and utilities on our behalf. This overall service is not the norm in Puglia, and we would not have our superb Italian home without her help and support every step of the way.

Veronique - France

J’ai acheté un trullo en campagne non loin de Martina Franca par l’intermédiaire de l’Agenzia dei trulli de Gabrielle. Gabrielle, très professionnelle dans son domaine, est très attentive ai besoin du client. Elle m’a dédié beaucoup de temps dans les visites de trullo à travers la campagne. Elle a une très grande connaissance di territoire ce qui lui a permis de cerner immédiatement ce que je cherchais. Une fois l’offre faite, elle m’a également assisté dans les démarches successives afin de formaliser l’achat. L’agenzia dei Trulli est une agence à dimension humaine qui offre au client un service sur mesure aussi bien dans la phase d’achat que dans les phases successives.


The whole agency's activity is based upon three pillars: Reliability, Honesty and Rapidity. The results of her exemplar work have been often appreciated internationally, also by many specialised magazines. This is testified by many publications, such as "Il Sole 24 Ore", "The Sunday Times", "The Financial Times", or also on TV broadcasts like "House Hunter International" (USA).

Knowledge of the territory

The Agency of Trulli of Gabriella certainly positions itself like the most expert and prominent operator for buying and selling trulli. Its strong point is the knowledge of the best market opportunities, of the burocratic procedures, but most of all, of the people.

This is very helpful when you need to contact all the needed competences for the completion of a purchase, but most of all, for the improvement of your real estate (workers, architects, surveyors, electricians etc.). Gabriella will be able also to address you to the most efficient services suppliers.

To know about Gabriella and Trulli's Agency

Accuracy and Transparency

Clear understanding breeds long friendships, says an italian proverb: so has never been so true for Gabriella and her Agency. One of the most appreciated qualities by the clients is given by the knowledge, in advance and in every detail, of all the necessary costs to complete the purchase aof the real estate.

Gabriella will follow your transaction with preciseness until the notary deed of sale, but after that she can be the precious source of tips for any need linked to your brand new house. It could seem natural for you at the end to consider her as part of your family.

A delightful bet

The circumstances, where you'll notice the whole value of the "Agenzia dei trulli", are those where the property right is most complex.

Historically the Trulli were housing clusters with "horizontal growth", - this means that while the family grew, the trulli were enlarged by adding, splitting or connecting with the previous or new housing units. Very often the common infrastructures (wells, walkways etc.) remained such for the whole enlarged family.

Over time, while the inheritances lost their relationship, the groups of trulli were created that are phisically linked between them, but often presenting fragmented law situations, sometimes completely unrelated.

In such kind of situations, it can seem quite hard to find a solution, but for the "Agenzia dei trulli" such demanding challenges are inviting bets, often succesfully won.

Meaningful is the case of estate nr. 144, a smal group of trulli, belonging to several owners. Gabriella succeded to join all the heirs and have an agreement to sell the whole property as one.

"Appearances also count"

Unfortunately not always the Trulli kept their original characteristics. Architectural modifications may have occurred, expecially in the last 50 years, distorting the original structure. Sometimes these modifications can be presented by someone as qualities, such as a cone covered with plaster or whitewashed concrete, or worse distortions, such as the remaking of the cone, removing the so called "lost water system" to make the terracing of trullo's corners. Such kind of alterations can be very hard to restore (but not impossible). Gabriella Dragone since always looks for and gives value to architecturally preserved trulli, suggesting in case of renovation the best solutions to keep the historical and architectural value of the trullo. Frequently architecturally horrifying situations have been removed thanks to the tips of Gabriella.

Agenzia dei Trulli - Alberobello

To renovate a trullo

Restauro trullo - Agenzia dei Trulli Alberobello

The most delicate phase comes when you want to make your trullo – maybe requiring a restoration – a comfortable house according to the own desires and needs.

Whoever has dealt with renovations, knows which are the difficulties that can occur to find good and skilled professionals. Even more so with the trulli, entirely made of stone and with specific building techniques.

The risk here is to twist the outfit of the own house, introducing foreign elements, that can ruin the scenic character of the trullo. Also in this case Gabriella is able to make you contact the best and most qualified workforce operating in renovation of trulli with a good eye to the economic aspect.

All that comes from the deep knowledge of the territory, also from the interpersonal side, - the precious source of contacts that can be helpful to spare time and money.

Shown below some examples of works made on trulli housing, that brought improvements, or better, the removal of bad scenic elements, restoring the original elements of the past.