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Explore the town with Guido - Guided visits of Alberobello

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Alberobello, despite having a rather recent history, is full of questions that still cannot be answered. On why the Trulli were developed, on why they have this aspect and who designed them and why, there are even more questions than answers...

Guido, a native of the city who has always been passionate about the history of Alberobello, is an authorized tourist guide who, through a pleasant walk of about two hours, will take you to the lesser-known places of Alberobello, telling the stories that are hidden there and will make you discover Alberobello culture and history.

Guido proposes an alternative excursion to Alberobello, taking the less travelled routes. The guided tour of Alberobello covers the entire city from north to south, including the trulli areas less frequented by tourists. The start of the visit to the trulli of Alberobello is at the Trullo Sovrano house-museum, where you can discover the origins of the city and the Trulli through the key figures that have shaped it over the centuries.

The Alberobello walking tour also tells of prominent figures such as Antonio Curri, the Alberobello architect whose works have radically shaped the city skyline. It also narrates the role of the Acquaviva d’Aragona family of Conversano, fundamental for the birth of Alberobello and how the Alberobellian peasant culture has changed over time.

The last section of the Alberobello tourist guide includes a panoramic tour of the most characteristic views of Rione Monti, enriched by anecdotes and curiosities about the daily life of Alberobello.

Guided tour duration on foot: about 2 hours.

Recommended Trulli visit times (to include also the visit to the house-museum): 9:30/10: 00 or from 15:00 to 17:00.

Available languages: Italian, English, German

Tel. +39 328 481 9 482